My Food Delivery derry romeos four star 4 star Butties, Country Fried chicken, Turkish Kebab & Grill App DownloadYou can now search for your Favourite Food & Drink from over 35 of your Favourite Takeaways & Off-Licence using our free app which can be downloaded using the links below. 5 X Paolo’s, 3 X Rice Bowls, Butties, Country Fried Chicken, Turkish Kebab & Grill, Popeye’s Takeaway, Barr’s Lecky Rd, Papa Busty’s, Saffron, Rockets, Feed Me, Barr’s Beechwood, The Carraig Off Sales, Hillbilly’s, Zoras, Water Fortune, Donaghy’s Real Fish & Chips, Good Years Chinese, Good to Go, Mama Masala, Four Star Pizza & China Garden.  Please Share with your Friends.Like our Facebook page to discover when new local takeaways come online.


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